Meet the NAC: Irene Falcone of Nourished Life

Global GreenTag welcomed Nourished Life Founder and CEO Irene Falcone to two of its National Advisory Committees several years ago and she has been involved in the development of both GreenTag’s Personal and Cleaning Products standards from the very beginning of their development process over four years ago.

A market leader in the health and beauty retail space promoting toxin free living, Irene was recognised this week, winning the Entrepreneur Award at the 2016 Telstra New South Wales Business Awards for building Nourished Life. The business, she says, has become the leading toxin-free living health and beauty online store and grown significantly since 2012 from a $100 buying budget and a staff of two to 20 employees and an $8 million turnover.

A  Finalist also at the 2015 NSW Telstra Business Women’s Awards, Irene says that her passion to help women shop with confidence for healthier beauty and lifestyle products began with her own toxin free journey. It was during her years working in the corporate sector.  She says:

“I started to feel really tired all the time and it got to the point one morning where I couldn’t walk up a single flight of stairs to my office.  My legs felt as heavy as two bags of lead.”

It was at this point, Irene says, that she sat on the steps, took out a body lotion from her bag and started rubbing it into her legs “and for the first time in my life I wondered … what exactly was in this lotion I was putting in my body?”

In fact, Irene started researching the ingredients of all her beauty and lifestyle products and discovered that she was regularly applying about 500 chemicals a day to her body. Her accumulation of existing products, she says, were worth $5000 but she tossed them into the bin and “In a matter of weeks I started to feel better.  I got my energy back, my skin was glowing, my teeth were whiter and the dark, puffy circles under my eyes disappeared.”

Today, Irene’s Nourished Life brand closes the gap between ‘health’ and ‘beauty’ by helping customers through the mixed messages on labels and confusion in the marketplace and sourcing a wide variety of preferred products.

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