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Verosol’s storey started back in 1963 when Cornelis Verolme, the famous Dutch shipbuilder sailed into New York Harbour and marvelled at the imposing skyline. He noticed that the towering skyscrapers of New York were mostly clad in glass and thought how difficult it must have been to keep them cool in summer and warm in winter.

Cornelis became passionate with the idea of finding a solution to this problem and experimented tirelessly with many ideas and concepts.

In 1965 Cornelis established the Verolme vacuum metallising company and developed a process, still unique today, of applying a microscopic layer of aluminium to textile.

Cornelis believed that if he could create metal backed fabrics that could be made into curtains and blinds, with the metal side facing outwards, heat and glare could be reflected back outside the building. By regulating this heat and light, buildings could not only benefit by significant energy savings but would also create a much more comfortable environment for occupants.

Since those early years, Verosol continues to live Cornelis’ legacy and strive to create sustainable environments where people can live and work comfortably.

As fashion, architectural design and construction technology has evolved, so too has Verosol. Verosol now delivers a new generation of metal backed fabrics and blind systems with an internationally recognised reputation for quality, solar efficiency, flexibility and performance.


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