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Since their establishment successful market development and profitability has allowed the company to re-invest profits into refining manufacturing expertise and upgrading technology to World First Standard capable of meeting ongoing manufacturing growth without sacrificing quality or continuity of market supply.

Although originally established as a waterproofing manufacturing company Xypex Australia has now developed more industry specific products designed to enhance durability of structures. This in turn has led to the creation of our plan to support and enhance the development of the emerging philosophy of Sustainable Construction.

The successful development and sales of the unique Xypex Catalytic Crystalline Technology has allowed Xypex Australia to attain industry leadership both by way of high performance and being the Founding Father of the industry in Australia, drawing on the bona fides of in excess of 45 years successful Xypex application and development Worldwide.

On this foundation Xypex have developed a shared dream driven by engaged and like minded people. They believe that the status quo in construction, the sustainability of structures and the conservation of the environment and its resources must be challenged. They believe that to dare to be different, to challenge entrenched construction traditions and to share our vision will drive our development and future success. What Xypex do is the proof of what Xypex believes!


Xypex Modified水泥添加剂

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Xypex Megamix II聚合物

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Xypex Admix C-1000 NF添加剂

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Xypex Concentrate水泥添加剂

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Xypex Admix C-5000水泥添加剂

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