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GreenTag Brands Most Trusted


170130 Thank you for Trusting GreenTag Products

Global GreenTag and brands under certification blitzed the Top 100 most trusted companies and products in Australia in 2016, taking  23% of the winner’s pie, including  first place for GreenTag manufacturer  Weathertex.  GreenTag  is proud to have also won a coveted place  by being the only eco-label to make the Top 100 brands  in the reader’s poll held annually  by Architecture & Design.

A fantastic vote all round for certified,  healthier, environmentally friendly and safer building products.

Weathertex who boasts two exemplar GreenTag certified Platinum and Gold products streaked ahead to take the overall Number 1 position as Australia’s most trusted brand, ahead of  some industry giants.  Weathertex, also topped  the Exterior Wall Materials category in the A&D survey.

Commenting on Weathertex’s win, Managing Director, Jason O’Hagan, emphasises that “Weathertex has made it easier for the environmentally conscious designers, architects and builders

that are still wanting a durable, high quality and easy to install product.”

He also adds: “It most certainly pays to be with such an advanced Certification Mark as GreenTag”.

Impressively, GreenTag was also thrilled to see The Laminex Group join Weathertex in the Top 10 as the Number 7 most trusted brand in the poll.

GreenTag certified & under-certification winners who took out most trusted brands in other categories were:

The Laminex Group with 19 products certified by Global GreenTag were voted the most trusted company from which to buy in the category of Laminates, Solid Surfaces & Veneers.  

Armstrong Flooring with 9 GreenTag certified products were voted tops to be trusted in the Floors & Flooring category.

Kingspan Insulation with 5 GreenTag certified products won the top most trusted Insulation company as well as coming in at Number 13 out of the top 100 trusted brands overall.

Vertilux with 7 Gold rated GreenTag certified products pulled off the number 1 trusted position for purchasing  Window Furnishings.

Assa Abloy  with products currently under certification with GreenTag  topped the Security category.

With 341 nominated brands and a total of 13,456 votes counted, Architecture & Design said the 2016 Trusted Brands survey, produced their biggest result yet.

OVERALL in  2016  …  GreenTag  had 22 companies and brands, plus it’s own brand, win positions in  A&D’s Top 100.

FIND OUT MORE about these amazing, progressive manufacturers who are leading examples of sustainable product design:

Weathertex http://www.globalgreentag.com/china2/manufacturer/weathertex/

The Laminex Group  http://www.globalgreentag.com/china2/manufacturer/the-laminex-group/

Kingspan Insulation http://www.globalgreentag.com/china2/manufacturer/kingspan-insulation/

CSR Bradford  http://www.globalgreentag.com/china2/manufacturer/csr-bradford/

Polytec http://www.globalgreentag.com/china2/manufacturer/polytec/

USG Boral http://www.globalgreentag.com/china2/manufacturer/usg-boral/

Carter Holt Harvey  http://www.globalgreentag.com/china2/manufacturer/carter-holt-harvey-woodproducts-australia/

Altro Safety Flooring http://www.globalgreentag.com/china2/manufacturer/altro-apac-pty-ltd/

Kingspan Insulated Panels http://www.globalgreentag.com/china2/manufacturer/kingspan-insulated-panels/

Armstrong Ceilings http://www.globalgreentag.com/china2/manufacturer/armstrong-world-industries-ceiling-division/

Stormtech http://www.globalgreentag.com/china2/manufacturer/stormtech/

Autex http://www.globalgreentag.com/china2/manufacturer/autex-pty-ltd/

Polyflor Australia http://www.globalgreentag.com/china2/manufacturer/polyflor-australia/

Billi http://www.globalgreentag.com/china2/manufacturer/billi-pty-ltd/

Schiavello Group http://www.globalgreentag.com/china2/manufacturer/schiavello-group/

Knauf Insulation http://www.globalgreentag.com/china2/manufacturer/knauf-insulation/

Knauf Plasterboard http://www.globalgreentag.com/china2/manufacturer/knauf-plasterboard/

Vertilux http://www.globalgreentag.com/china2/manufacturer/vertilux-coporation-pty-ltd/

Earthwool http://www.globalgreentag.com/china2/products/earthwool-range-unfaced/

Assa Abloy http://www.assaabloy.com.au/en/local/au/

Innowood  Australia Pty Ltd http://innowood.com/

Gunnersen Pty Ltd  https://www.gunnersens.com.au/


What Readers Said Who Voted For Global GreenTag ?

GreenTag thanks everyone who voted for our brand in the Architecture & Design poll.  We are thrilled with our result and appreciate those below who took the time to add their reasons why they voted us as a Trusted brand and Certification Mark.

“This company works with integrity, with a deep sense of truthful responsibility and commitment. Conscious, consistent contribution to increasing a safe and healthy planetary environment is the reason this company is my Top Trusted brand. This label gives assurance of top quality research and workmanship. – Lynne P



“Their sole reason for being is to be a reliable, trusted source of insight into locally and internationally sourced eco products. Their integrity is the brand. – Marnie O


“Because they are independent, have a scientifically based approach and have a demonstrated track record of excellence to make our living environments safe and more sustainable. – Glen C

GreenTag Certified Weathertex Voted #1 Most Trusted Brand in Australia!


Weathertex has taken FIRST PLACE in Architecture & Design’s annual Top Trusted Brands readers’ survey for 2016. The much anticipated poll reveals Australia’s 100 best brands in the architecture, building, construction and design industries.

The GreenTag certified Australian company came out on top from 341 nominated brands and a total of 13,456 votes as Australia’s favourite building product brand.

GreenTag also made it into the top 100 trusted brands along with twenty three other nominated GreenTag related brands.

“Green certification is certainly making an impact, “ says David Baggs, GreenTag’s CEO.  “We are thrilled for Weathertex’s result and also that 24% of all products in  the Top 100 are GreenTag clients.  Not to mention our own improved performance and presence as the only Product Certification Program in this year’s Top 100 most trusted brands.   You can’t beat #1 position, however, and Weathertex, which achieved a GreenTag Platinum certified status in 2016 as well,  most definitely deserves this level of recognition by the industry.”

The 2016 survey revealed the common themes associated with a trusted brand, includes great service, products and reliability – as well as other socially driven themes of eco-friendliness and Australian made.

Weathertex placed  first overall in the survey, followed by Dulux Australia and Bluescope Lysaght.  The company also won NUMBER 1 most trusted brand within the external cladding category.

Jason O’Hagan, Managing Director for Weathertex said, “This is a fantastic and a significant result for Weathertex to be recognised by our customers as the number 1 trusted brand against such large reputable corporations.  It demonstrates the hard work and commitment of our team and confirms our customers are after high quality building products that are sustainable and eco-friendly to our environment at no extra cost.”

2016 has been a year of achievements and wins for Weathertex, firstly being the FIRST MANUFACTURED PRODUCT in the world to receive GreenTag Platinum certification for their natural range and now ending the year being recognised as the MOST TRUSTED brand.

Weathertex is committed to continuing providing the best service and high quality products to our customers as well as play a crucial role in improving the sustainability of Australian construction products and practices.

GreenTag major feature in Architecture & Design Online

GGT- A&D Infolink WebskinGlobal GreenTag has stepped further out to enhance it’s engagement with the A & D marketplace with a major marketing program with Architecture & Design in 2016, powered by InfoLink online. Pictured here is the site webskin.

Following up on our 2015 Sponsorship of the GBCA’s brand new ‘Design & As Built’ rating tool Education program and its new ‘Sustainable Products’ and ‘Life Cycle Impacts’ credits, GreenTag has once again upped the game.

March marks the start of a year long campaign with Australia’s largest architecture, building and design industry media resource.

Keep an eye out for our messages as you peruse this information rich site that is a hub for all the professionals creating Australia’s buildings.

Along with unrivaled access to expert advice and updates direct from suppliers, Architecture & Design arms building professionals with the information they need in order to add value and resolve their clients’ challenges with the best design and construction solutions.