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A re-focus on microorganisms to be dealt with in new Global GreenTag Cleaning Standard v1.2

Global GreenTag today releases Version 1.2 of the Global GreenTag International Cleaning Product Certification Standard alongside a list of other substantial changes and updates to create a new benchmark for cleaning products within the built environment.

Cleaning products manufacturers have been increasingly seeking certifications with GreenTag in the last couple of years to help them clarify for the cleaning market the extent to which they have been working to improve the designs of their products and manufacturing practices.

Dr Nana Bortsie-Aryee, Program Director of Global GreenTagCertTM said:

“Version v1.2 of the Cleaning Standard has expanded to address the complex claims that cleaning manufacturers are bringing to the market. GreenTag has always been committed to moving goalposts in line with the market but also for the sake of minimising impacts on human health and the environment.”

“Delivering high quality independent assessments for cleaning products, particularly since the outbreak of COVID 19, is critical for consumers. They deserve to be better informed and be able to distinguish their products from others in the cleaning category, which can be making various claims related to human and environmental health but their claims are not backed up, scientifically.”

The GreenTag certification team, Dr Bortsie-Aryee adds, has spent some time on this next version, engaging also in a public stakeholder consultation period, to provide the market with a Standard that is as vigorous as the company’s much sought after Standard for assessing products and materials for the building and infrastructure sectors.

“We have also been driven by the development of our NaturePositive+ Standard, which challenges manufacturers toward designing products for nature repair. Working in this environment to create a new benchmark in product manufacturing is having a domino effect to drive more depth into all our existing standards.”


Updates to the Global GreenTag International 1.2 Cleaning Standard, including new additions are listed below:


Existing clients with products currently certified and in a certification cycle under v1.1 of the Standard will be allowed to run the course until the cycle ends.

Ongoing assessments under Standard v1.1 will also be completed under the v1.1.

New clients submitting their products for assessments from May 1st will be assessed against Standard v1.2

All new recertifications from May 1st will be conducted under Standard v1.2

For any questions about v1.2 of the Standard, please address to:
Dr Nana Bortsie-Aryee, Program Director – Global GreenTag International

To request a copy of v1.2 of the Standard, please address them to Systems Director Tanya Lynch:

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