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Global GreenTag International joins with LOUD Library to keep product samples out of landfill

Global GreenTag International has created a collaborative partnership with LOUD Library, an innovative new company emerging from Victoria in Australia that is set to change the way architects and designers engage with product samples to research and choose products for projects.

The LOUD Library is a creative solution and quest to reduce the wasteful cycle of product samples generated by manufacturers that typically end up in landfill. We are now pleased to be collaborating with LOUD who have created a circular economy enterprise that provides both physical location sampling libraries as well as a growing virtual library that contains all samples in digitalised form to help the selection of materials become easier for architectural and design communities.

David Baggs, GreenTag’s CEO, Technical Director and Co-founder says: ‘the LOUD Library concept is brilliant on so many levels. We have been in talks for several months and the first joint venture between us will be to provide a connection from our product pages to the LOUD digital library that is starting to build, providing a pathway for visitors researching on our website to be able to connect also with high quality digitalised samples of the products they are viewing – taken in various formats and lighting states to give product specifiers, designers and architects an immersive experience to make decisions.”

We are also thrilled to have LOUD’s Founder and Principal Louise Dobson-Trease joining us on our stand at ArchiBuild Expo from June 13-15 to provide demonstrations of the capability and scope of the digital library they will be setting up for visiting architects, designers, and manufacturers at the show.”

Of particular interest to Global GreenTag International, the LOUD Library is strongly committed to building and curating a comprehensive database of sustainable product and material samples that have been independently assessed and awarded licences by third-party certification, declaration and verification bodies to meet the needs of green building and design projects.

GreenTag will be collaborating with LOUD to help start building this section of the library for the formal launch of the whole library – aimed for March 1st, 2025.

Lousie Dobson Trease has an interesting and rich background that bridges being both a designer and experience in the manufacturing sector. She is passionate about making a difference through innovation, education and sustainability to help reduce the crisis we face in tackling landfill and waste. She became specifically committed to rethinking the sampling of products and providing the industry she loves with the LOUD library. The reduction of waste streams and the carbon offset resulting from the establishment of a well curated and easily accessible materials library is her dream. She says:

“Let’s be productive leaders for future generations. Let’s help to fast-track the sustainability and innovation movement that is needed to reverse the harmful impacts on our planet from 150 years of industrialisation. If we can share our knowledge, embrace new technologies, reduce sample waste and recycle, we can make a profound difference. A small thing like the LOUD library can show the next generation of designers that we have tried to deliver a sustainable industry and environment for them to thrive in.”

The LOUD Library is currently busy setting up the first wave of product/material samples and a number of architectural and design firms are already looking forward to using the new system.

By caring for the life of product/material samples that industry will typically use in specification processes, the LOUD archive team photographs every product into a curated LOUD library system and obtains a copy to be stored in the LOUD vault for future reference. The library documents and stores each product sample from the beginning and into their retirement. Ultimately, keeping them out of landfill and providing a valuable resource and research space for professionals in architecture, interior design, product specification and procurement.

Global GreenTag believes in collaboration with like-minded organisations to strengthen the case for sustainable development, and therefore we actively seek Partnerships that reflect our interests in building the success of our business and expanding into new and relevant areas.

Promoting mutually beneficial sustainable relationships is at the core of our Collaborative Partners Program. With the LOUD Library, we share, in common, aims and ideals with regards the creation and operation of a trusted and transparent source for product and materials information.

For further information or to interview David Baggs, please contact, Debra Robertson via

For further information about the LOUD Library or to interview Louise Dobson-Trease, please contact LOUD via

Global GreenTag™ International Pty Ltd assesses products for all aspects of impacts on human health, ethical labour supply and the environment. The company was established in 2010 as a third party verified Conformance Conformity Assessment Body that conducts the award winning Global GreenTagCert™ certification program, and a third party, multi-criteria, consensus based and externally verified Type 1 Ecolabelling Program that complies and operates under strict International Standards.

Global GreenTag websites and all marketing collateral for every product certified by Global GreenTag are verified as 'fit for purpose' and compliant with ISO 14021. What's more, Global GreenTag's governance and its own external verification and certification is set against standards such as ISO 14024 (Ecolabelling), ISO 17065 (Conformance Assessment) and ISO 9001 (Quality Management) among others.
Voted one of the Top 100 Most Trusted Brands in Australia for 3 years running, Global GreenTag currently has more than 16,000 products in certification by over 270 manufacturers with factories in more than 20 countries. Global GreenTag™ certified products are determined as healthy for use using the best science available, with the results being peer reviewed by highly qualified, external consultant Toxicologists.

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